A Reminder

I have wanted to “make books” since around the sixth grade, and I published my first book when I was in my late thirties. My point is that the time in between was not wasted – submarine service, marriage, college, bringing up three kids, starting a school for them, and so forth. Emily_2016_0123_003 (1).jpgThis kind of life experience is not distracting you from your appointed task of writing. It is, rather, the roundabout blessing of giving you something to say.

~ Douglas Wilson, Wordsmithy

Sometimes we get caught up in a mission and lose the forest for the trees.

Thank you , Mr. Wilson.

Keep writing, at life’s pace,

* Photo courtesy of Emily


One comment

  1. […] A secret: We are not bad writers if we do not write every day. We all have lives that fuel the writing process. We all have plenty of other obligations, stressors, joys, and hobbies, and no matter how much we might like it, writing cannot always have the front seat for our energies. Always an essential reminder. […]


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