Growing up and growing old

First of all, so as to not leave you hangin,' we made it through the Boundary Waters 2017 without incident. I think there may have been more pain and agony in the back of Canoe #1, but that beast of burden shoulder of Scott's thankfully chose not to rear it's truly ugly head that week... Continue Reading →


Spunk and spite

Sometimes they pay off. We're packed up and ready to rock. The vehicles are all running. The trailer has lights. The concussion victim is up for adventure. And the patriarch is back in the land of the living, not a moment too soon. Boundary Waters, here we come... If you need me... never mind... KJ

New Year, New Adventures

We are sacked in, once again, with frigid temperatures in Wisconsin. I wish to be that hearty soul that walks to their evening meeting, even when the mercury is dropping well below zero. I wish to be the one who gets myself out there despite the cold, just for the sheer joy of being out... Continue Reading →

Another win

And, on the heels of the Standing Rock ruling in the right direction, we have a similar decision on the Twin Metals Mining proposals on the shores of the Boundary Waters. The Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Agriculture pulled the plug on Twin Metal's leases, possibly ending the argument on whether highly... Continue Reading →

Los Padres

And just to prove I'm not a total poetry grinch... Over at Consciousness creates reality, fellow-blogger pseudonymous churns out quite a bit of it. Here's my favorite: Los Padres Five thirty AM a car drives by the camp site full of chanting monks ~pseudonymous This interrupted morning on the land reminds me of one of our own, on the... Continue Reading →

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