Visitors, welcome and not

We had ten male cardinals at the feeder yesterday. Six females hanging out in the wings. We don't usually get that many. Not at once. Beautiful! The blue jays were missing yesterday, too, like we were part of some neighborhood bird exchange program. Hmm... We did get another foot (and then some) of snow this... Continue Reading →


Is it time?

Dare I even ask? The birds have already made their predictions, and have made the journeys that accompany them, and I hope for their sakes that it is indeed. For almost a month we've had strangers at the feeders. Dozens of redwing blackbirds blackening the trees outside my window, trying their hands at sunflower seeds. European... Continue Reading →

Adoration of the Cross

Three times it has snowed on the backs of the robins; Julio counted. Still, I'm not sure we're done with winter; the week ahead looks bleak. But today, after a week of bizarre blizzards and derechos, has been another wonderful respite from the cold, another taste of the coming spring. It is the Third Sunday... Continue Reading →

A quick whine…

I threw my back into some kind of ill-mannered, all-encompassing, driven-by-the-hounds-of-hell spasm the other day. So here I am, sitting on my couch for the 5 minutes allotted to me before I'll have to lie down again, staring out the window at this glorious spring day. There is a comically stinky dog licking himself at... Continue Reading →

A child of change

They're singing again. A January thaw is upon us, and the birds of the homestead are ecstatic. My eyes snapped open this morning as an unknown avian friend warbled out her morning greetings. Shamefully, I can't connect her voice with her face in my jumbled-up brain, and sadly, my rusty echolocation, struggling to revive from... Continue Reading →

Sackloth and ashes

A pair of horses, Ruby and Chester, used to live in our neighbor’s pasture. But they are gone; only their nameplates on the fence remain. Some cows called the pasture home for a while, but the price of a calf was too steep to replace them once they were retired to the freezer. Grown over... Continue Reading →

Random facts and ponderings for the day…

Bob-o-Links have quite possibly the coolest song/call/chatter I've ever heard. Not to mention their stylish backwards tuxedos. They make me feel better about the occasions that I wear my own shirts backwards. Selling an item is the surest way to find all of its component parts... after the fact. Ever since our weed whacker found... Continue Reading →

Every day waking

What a challenge... to be awake. The literal sense of being awake is a difficult enough task at times, but the deeper, the meaningful, the real awake is an even more elusive creature. Every time I go through my little devotional I get stuck at the same page. It challenges me to rise up and be... Continue Reading →

The mocking continues…

Anyone who read my post Julio the robin must die will find it humorous that this week a very plucky catbird has decided to nest in the arbor vitae tree directly outside my office window. The mockingbird of the north, right there, nestled comfortably into the branches, with only a glass-paned argon sandwich to dampen his beautiful,... Continue Reading →

Julio the Robin must die.

Failure to Launch... Hilarious movie about a guy who still lives with his parents and needs a little help moving on with his life. But that's not important. What is important today is the tiny subplot of an angst-filled girl, whose frustrations with life are culminated in a breaking point involving a mockingbird. She is done, pushed... Continue Reading →

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