Day Twenty-Four: Tuesday, June 12th, Greetings

We never found Delaware. All those miles, and all that adventuring, and Delaware was nowhere to be see. We did hike with a lovely woman from Delaware, so maybe that counts for something. We even threatened to follow her back to her car, but--ridiculous her--she let her Rhode Islander friend chauffeur her across the country.... Continue Reading →


Day Sixteen: Monday, June 4th, Sequoia-Kings Canyon

Obviously, up early to beat the oppressive heat. So far the Intex is withered, but still inflated. I'm not ecstatic with how very squishy it is in this climate, but I'm happy to be slightly aloft of the razor gravel, so... The drive into Sequoia was lovely, I'm sure, but to be painfully honest, we're... Continue Reading →

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