Story Structure #26: Wrap-Up

Hero's Journey: Complete. Writer's Journey: Complete. Whatever you want to call it, we made it through. Wasn't too painful, was it? Yet another disclaimer, as the series comes to a close: contained herein are my notes on Christopher Vogler's work. Some it is verbatim from his book. Some of it I have taken great liberties... Continue Reading →


Story Structure #25: Act III, Stage 12: Return with the Elixer

Time to bring the boon back to the Ordinary World. New life - for the Hero, for his world - is ever changed. The Ordinary World is no longer as Ordinary. Return with the Elixer Tying up loose ends – closing the circle New questions OK, but all old must be resolved, or at least... Continue Reading →

Story Structure #10: Part Four

Finally... Story Engineering Model (four-part story model): Part Four, the final ~25% of our story. And here we are. We've made it to the culmination of all our hard work. The end in in sight. Time to bring it all together into a satisfying sign-off. Our hero has come through a lot, and has earned the... Continue Reading →

Story Structure #9: Second Plot Point

Get ready... Story Engineering Model (four-part story model): Second Plot Point, the turning point at the 75% mark of your story. Again, it is time for a change of context. This time were shifting into the resolution box of our story, and our hero is becoming the martyr, the selfless heroic champion of everything good and... Continue Reading →

Structure Series #7: Midpoint

Keepin' the wheels a-turnin'... Story Engineering Model (four-part story model): Midpoint, the turning point in the... umm... middle. OK, we're halfway there! It's time for a revelation, for our hero, and our reader, to keep us plugging along. The midpoint serves up a new bit of information that changes the understanding of the reader, or of... Continue Reading →

Structure Series #5: First Plot Point

Time to get things rolling... Story Engineering Model (four-part story model): First Plot Point, the turning point at the 25% mark of your story. The First Plot Point, the moment we've been working up to. But what have we been working up to? Here, we have a context shift, we go from setup mode into response mode.... Continue Reading →

Structure Series #4: Part One

OK... Nitty-gritty here we come... Story Engineering Model (four-part story model): Part One, the first ~25% of our story. Part One, or box number one, is our setup box. Our story has yet to be launched in earnest, and before it can do so, our readers must enter into our world. Part One is where our... Continue Reading →

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