Day Nineteen: Thursday, June 7th, Zion National Park, and more…

You know that hiking in from the highway option if you miss curfew? Turns out people use it at all hours, and the quickest way back to any site in the campground is through our site. Thankfully none of them were putting forth any effort at being stealthy, so I had no fears that they... Continue Reading →


Day Eighteen: Wednesday, June 6th, Through the Desert to Hurricane, UT

Up at the butt-crack of dawn and eager to get moving. From furnace to fire, but there is always hope that Utah's in for an unexpected cold front. How was the drive? Hot. Hotter than the fourth level of hell, where the AC is most definitely broken. Fortunate turn of events though... In a wave... Continue Reading →


The Feels Like temperature, or if you will, the Wind Chill, has broken 102. I am hot. I wouldn't be quite so hot if the air conditioner was working, but it seems that the blower motor, or the control panel, or some integral part of the furnace, has succumbed to the lightning strike back in... Continue Reading →

Heat Domes and Myths

I staked up some peppers yesterday. There is a 'heat dome' hovering over the midwest, and this is precisely the time that I generally choose to twiddle in the garden. Because I make poor choices. It was approximately seventeen hundred degrees when I noticed that the garden was suffering from a bit of a wither,... Continue Reading →

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