About that thing…

So... About that thing I whined about for an entire month, and then never even talked about after it happened... Observant readers may have noticed that December's Truth Be Told event wasn't the end of me. Truth be told, I thought it might be. There was a bit of complaining. And whining. Lemme' just look back...... Continue Reading →


Day Twenty-Four: Tuesday, June 12th, Greetings

We never found Delaware. All those miles, and all that adventuring, and Delaware was nowhere to be see. We did hike with a lovely woman from Delaware, so maybe that counts for something. We even threatened to follow her back to her car, but--ridiculous her--she let her Rhode Islander friend chauffeur her across the country.... Continue Reading →

Day One: Sunday, May 20th, Billings, MT

Columbus, MT, actually. Itch-Kep-Pe Park specifically. We hit the road at 4:20 this morning and drove for 14 hours through the flatlands of Minnesota and North Dakota, to make it here to our first stop, a free city campground on the Yellowstone River. This is the only place we will be without a reservation until... Continue Reading →

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